Petroula Nana, Hamburg

I am vascular surgeon, performing my second aortic fellow in Hamburg, Germany. I have a PhD focusing on aortic anatomic alterations after endovascular aortic repair (School of Medicine, University of Thessaly, Greece) and two masters (MSc); one in Vascular ultrasound and a second one in Thrombosis and Antithrombotic Therapy (Medical School, University of Thessaly, Greece). I have participated in 80 studies, published in peer-reviewed journals.

Sessie informatie:
Endovascular aortic arch repair with fenestrated/branched devices (f/bTEVAR) has been applied in high-risk patients as an alternative treatment for aortic arch pathologies management with encouraging early findings. During the 10-year experience of the aortic center in Hamburg, 209 patients were managed. The technical success was high, over 95%, while the early mortality was estimated at 9.5%; an acceptable rate when considering that f/bTEVAR is mainly applied in multimorbid patients. However, the stroke rate was at 10%, related to a 5.7% major stroke rate. This finding highlights the need for further improvement and investigation in the field of stroke prevention. Proximal aortic landing zone in native aortas as well as landing in zone 0 seem to affect stroke rates. Mid-term survival is acceptable but almost half of patients need a secondary intervention within the initial two years of follow-up.


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    Datum: 09 apr 2024Tijd: 12:05 - 12:25 CET